What is Helium Interactive?

We are a privately owned Internet marketing company dedicated to the healthcare industry. We provide the markting expertise and web technology to grow B2B healthcare and other high-tech organizations on line.

What services does Helium Interactive sell?

We sell a full range of marketing services from social media to email and mobile marketing to search optimization and brand development. Everything we do is designed for the healthcare business. We provide our clients with a long-term marketing strategy that improves their web presence and their bottom line. Read more about our marketing services.

What is your market niche?

We provide interactive marketing solutions to B2B healthcare companies. In the area of medical practices, we also focus on procedural services such as dentistry, cosmetic surgery, dermatology, ophthalmology, med spas, and bariatrics. See how we work with B2B healthcare organizations.

What makes Helium Interactive different from other healthcare marketing companies?

We are a full-service interactive marketer, focused on the healthcare industry. Our clients don’t need to assemble a half dozen vendors to improve their online presence. We work with them to define their target market, we execute an effective web presence for them, and then we analyze the results and make adjustments to improve those results.

In addition, we provide a network of marketing professionals and an Internet marketing platform that harnesses the power of existing online tools like search engines, blogs and social media to drive qualified visitors to a client’s site and convert them into customers or patients. Read more about our marketing expertise

Why do clients choose Helium Interactive?

Our clients select us because:

  • We are a one-stop shop for healthcare marketing—our clients don’t have to look any further.
  • We provide them with a team of healthcare marketing experts—copywriters, graphic designers and web developers—to help them craft an effective message and keep it fresh.
  • We create marketing campaigns that blend form and function to deliver measurable results.
  • We understand that healthcare marketing is unique. We know how to market to patients and B2B healthcare buyers in healthcare terms.
  • We have a passionate focus on healthcare marketing. We don't create web marketing strategy for financial service companies, ice cream shops or nightclubs; we focus exclusively on healthcare.
  • Our technology platform gives our clients the tools they need to easily build and edit their site.

“Helium goes out of their way to focus on results and deliver. They are a true strategic marketing partner."

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