Investor Overview

What is Helium Interactive?
We are a privately owned integrated marketing agency focused on the healthcare IT industry. Our team of professionals creates targeted, results-oriented marketing for a wide range of clients in the healthcare IT industry.

What services does Helium Interactive sell?
We sell a full range of integrated marketing services, all specifically developed by healthcare marketing experts for healthcare IT businesses:

What is your market niche?
Our primary focus is healthcare IT companies.

What sets Helium Interactive apart from other marketing agencies?
Our unique approach blends our expertise in healthcare, IT and marketing.

And, as a full-service agency, we offer our clients the flexibility to employ our marketing expertise to launch a single campaign or as an extension of their marketing organization.

Why do clients choose Helium Interactive?
Our clients select us because:

  • We are a one-stop shop for integrated healthcare IT marketing—our clients don’t have to assemble a half dozen vendors to develop and implement a marketing plan.
  • We understand the unique and complex needs of the evolving healthcare marketplace.
  • We provide a team of marketing experts that provides strategic as well as tactical solutions.
  • We have a passionate focus on healthcare marketing. We don't create marketing strategies for financial service companies, ice cream shops or nightclubs; we focus exclusively on healthcare.

“Helium goes out of their way to focus on results and deliver. They are a true strategic marketing partner."

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