About Our Name

Helium Interactive. It's a different name for a different kind of agency focused on providing integrated healthcare marketing solutions. And we chose it because we’re different from the other agencies out there.

Helium, when used in a balloon, provides lift. And that’s exactly why we want to partner with you and your healthcare IT business. We’re confident that our account team and network of marketing professionals, all with healthcare expertise, will elevate your business to a new position in your industry. 

Interactive means more to us than "online", it means interacting with your clients, interacting with the market, engaging with your audience. Since 2008, we have created targeted, results-oriented marketing for a wide range of clients in the healthcare IT industry. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive roadmap that will optimize your healthcare marketing strategy.

Now is the time to experience Helium.


“Helium goes out of their way to focus on results and deliver. They are a true strategic marketing partner."

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