Boost Thought Leadership

How easy is it for your clients to pick you out of a crowd?

When you position your healthcare IT company as a thought leader in the industry, you'll rise above the competition by demonstrating to decision makers that you can solve tomorrow’s problems as well as today's.

Healthcare IT News 2009 Reader Reports Card indicates that the following thought leadership online services are used the most by their readers:

  • Download white papers (68.8%)
  • Attend web seminars (48.6%)
  • Download research reports (31.9%)
  • Read blogs (22.8%)
Healthcare IT News 2009 Reader Report Card: Readership Characteristics of Healthcare IT Executives

Helium Interactive can boost awareness of your role as a thought leader through:

  • White papers
  • Case studies
  • Speaking engagements
  • Social media

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More About What We Do

Want to be more visible at industry gatherings? We can help you leverage your investment at conferences, trade shows and summits. Events such as executive panel discussions, special venues and speaking engagements can help you access the direct conversations you are seeking with today's top healthcare IT decision makers. We'll also pump up interest in your session using targeted email and direct mail campaigns.

Want to engage in simultaneous dialogue with your practice clients? We'll transform their burning issues into a blog in which you can provide trusted insight and gather immediate feedback.

Want your clients to recognize that your company understands their unique business needs and the healthcare marketplace? We can develop a compelling white paper that captures readers’ attention and delivers the quality leads you need for your sales team.

“The Helium team helped us launch the Aprima Brand in an unbelievably accelerated schedule of under two months. At every step of the way, we enjoyed a wonderfully collaborative relationship and received solid insight and perspective on our launch strategy."

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